You are one of those people who show the courage to work in today's world. After you set up to develop the business, to ensure continuity, to be open to innovation, profitability, as adapt to the competition it is inevitable to consider many factors. Sometimes a new domain for your company, a new market, a new product can cause big splash. We are in a rapidly changing world. Every day different products can become popular at a time in different geographies.

Your information on the market is not enough, you have difficulties in financing, You need help in technical matters. Here arises the importance of the joint venture. Joint venture; your potential can be summarized as combining with other firms to make economic progress. Especially for those who want to expand into foreign markets Joint Venture seems to be fast and efficient way.

Some of those listed below may be useful to add to your business plan.

• You want to enter a new market

• If you need technical support

• Local companies' legal / commercial advantages and / or you want to learn the experience

• You want to share the resource or risk

The Joint Venture Structure

Firstly that the company will enter into a financial partnership from each other, you will continue to be completely independent. You can set up completely different company and a third agreement you signed when you set up this new company is vital. As each contract is necessary to be clear in my opinion very well in this agreement. It values that everyone must be clearly specified times. You have the same goals with your partner, not your common route is likely to be finalized your expectations from each other eliminates a lot of problems before they arise and allows the partnership to be successful.
Commercial life does not start at all or without courage or will remain limited. Move along often enough on the road to give us an advantage when we get our goal and we know that a good Let's set the terms of the alliance. As Paulo Coelho says, " The boat is safe in the harbor. But this is not the purpose of the boat. "

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