Investments Board™

Investments Board™ is a part of Tandja® Group of companies and it’s been established to serve the needs of our clients.

We at Investments Board™ work directly with Chines, Russian and English investors, and Investments funds.

Our partners include.

Sino-Ceef Capital with 10 billion Euro investment funds

Yingke Law Firm Asia’s largest law and investment group

Just a few to mention.

We have offices in China, England and Russia..

Investment Sectors

Advance Manufacturing


Consumer Goods and Services




Automotive Parts




Renewable Energy


Healthcare Equipment




Power/Gas/Water Utilities


Industrial Automation


Home Appliances


Tool Roads


Life Science


E commerce and Tourism




To register your interest simply provide us the following information initially.

1-Short details of your project or business.

2- Profit valuation.

3- The size of the required fund, how it will be used, the funding method required.

Once we receive this information we shall apply on your behalf to the fund for initial approval and once we receive their response

We shall be in touch with you to discuss the steps for applying to the fund.

To Register or make an enquiry please contact us

To Register or make an enquiry please contact us

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